This is a blog made by guys who like to watch movies. This is a space where we discuss the films and performances, both local and foreign, that have caught our attention. Vinny, the site’s primary moderator, is based in London while everyone else is based in Manila.

Here are ways to contact us:

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2. E-mail Vinny at His personal blog is at How To Be Square.

  1. H said:

    Hi! Could you please review Reality Bites (1994; Hawke, Stiller and Ryder)?  🙂
     I recently saw the movie and I couldn’t help but observed that post-college life and culture (if you can call it that) have changed a little in almost twenty years. The movie’s premise is still relevant and speaks volumes of the kind of socio-economic backdrop new graduates have to navigate. I also reflexively drew parallels between Reality Bites and Girls (HBO). Hope I get to hear your take on this. Thank you!

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