Coming Up This August

– This August, we’re going to take on Film Noir, a dark, raw, seductive genre that gained popularity in post-war America. Grab a fedora and a trenchcoat and watch the following movies with us:

– As for the results of the July poll, When Harry Met Sally got the highest number of votes as Nora Ephron’s best romantic comedy film, finishing at 46%. Sleepless in Seattle came second at 35% while You’ve Got Mail finished last with 19%. For August, our monthly poll asks: “What is your favorite superhero movie of 2012?”. Was it the dark, grim finale of Nolan’s Batman trilogy? Was it the witty and visually impressive The Avengers? Or was it the reboot of one of the most beloved superheroes, The Amazing Spiderman? Go to the sidebar and cast your vote.

– Finally, I want to end on a note of gratitude. The past week saw the most activity in the blog due largely to our coverage of the Cinemalaya films. I hope we were able to help you decide which movies to watch and we hope that you will continue to use our blog as a resource for anything movie-related.

— Vinny

1 comment
  1. Eric said:

    That’s a great collection of noir! Looking forward to your coverage.

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