Movie Mixtape – Unforgiving Strangers

Here’s a playlist with songs from the soundtracks of some of the movies this year. The title, Unforgiving Strangers, is a lyric from one of the songs included in the ‘mixtape’, Green Mountain State by Corinna Rose & the Rusty Horse Band.

Click the picture to download the playlist.

1 – Green Mountain State | Corinna Rose & The Rusty Horse Band | Take This Waltz

2 – Despicable Dogs (Washed Out Remix) | Small Black | Project X

3 – Looking for a Sign | Beck | Jeff, Who Lives at Home

4 – Old Enough | The Raconteurs | Wanderlust

5 – She’s Bound To Get Hurt | Summer Fiction | Safety Not Guaranteed

6 – Keep You | Class Actress | Chronicle

7 – Minor Keys | Big Troubles | Lola Versus

8 – Coming Home | The 88 | Friends with Kids

9 – Le temps de l`amore | Françoise Hardy | Moonrise Kingdom

10 – Where I’m Going | Cut Copy | Savages

1 comment
  1. Welcome to the Lamb!

    I’ve only seen two of the films in this list, but it’s a very cool idea. Thanks for sharing, and I’ll be looking forward to checking out your future mixes.

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