The All Wet Blogathon: “Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind”

Over at Encore’s World of Film and TV, Andrew is hosting a blogathon about movie scenes featuring “the splendor of cinematic rain”. Here is my submission. 

The scene starts inside Joel’s (Jim Carrey) head, where the procedure erasing his memories of Clementine (Kate Winslet) has already begun. The two of them are figuring out a way to stop it.


What if you take me somewhere else? Somewhere where I don’t belong, and hide there ’til morning?


I can’t remember anything without you.


That’s very sweet, but try, ok?

So Joel tries, and he recalls a childhood memory of a rainy day. The sweet melody of “Row, Row, Row Your Boat” slowly starts to play overhead and he sings the song, trying to relive the memory so that he could hide Clementine there.

As the mental association between the two memories becomes stronger, it starts raining inside the living room.

Eventually, the two memories collapse into each other and become one.

Joel takes Clem to his childhood. I start crying.

  1. Dave said:

    This is awesome. You took a great film and highlighted a typical scene that makes it so great. I didn’t even think of this one! Nice work!

    • Thanks. This was one of the scenes that really got to me when I first watched this.

  2. Posts like these are why I wanted to revisit this blog-a-thon idea. Rain is such a standard in films, and sometimes you tend to forget how it’s used – like I couldn’t offhand tell you there was a rain scene in ESOTSM and yet, here this is. The images are so lush (what a beautifully directed film this is) and the overreaching arc of the past and “present” meshing is so wonderfully done.

    • Vincenzo Tagle said:

      Thanks for that, and for hosting the blogathon. I really like the way the two periods of his life melted together, and how the images of the past were incorporated into this “present”, like the bicycle in the living room.

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